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What type of Newborn Session is right for you?

If you are reading this post, then I assume you are pregnant and or have just welcomed a new baby into the world! Let me be the first to say congratulations!! In my last 4 years of photographing newborns I've done everything from lifestyle to studio & everything in-between - working from my own home studio and within clients home. I believe by offering different types of newborn sessions, I can better suit the needs & style of my clients. This post should help you decide what type of newborn session is best for you!

So let’s break it down!

Studio newborn sessions take place in my Escondido CA studio where I provide all props, bonnets, headbands, wraps, etc. that are then styled for each session. These sessions last 2-3 hours. They include 20 images and I can incorporate headshots with the parents as well as siblings. These images are very posed (even down to finger placement). And best done with baby is under 14 days old. My session workflow – which looks something like this, but depending on the baby specific poses may change:

 While I work, parents are able to either relax on my sofa, eat some snacks, take a nap or watch me work behind the scenes posing and soothing your sweet babe. Of course, I take breaks for the baby to feed, soothe or for diaper changes. I have a wide selection of props & wraps and will let the parents decide which ones they like best. I like to pose the baby on white and or neutral colors - keeping with my warm, minimalistic style.

In comparison, lifestyle newborn sessions are completely different in every beautiful way. Once your baby is born and we set a date for your lifestyle session I will travel to your home to photograph your session. As soon as I arrive I dive into capturing the full story that is your life with your sweet little one. I don't bring all my props, lighting, backdrop, etc - but I will bring a few wraps or headbands if you desire. Lifestyle sessions are a great way to show interaction with the whole family if you have other children at home and just have a totally different vibe. Soft morning light is usually best, and I don't have to enforce the rule of the baby being under 14 days old (since I am not posing them into specific positions). This session will last 1-2 hours and you will get 40 images. These are the type of images you can expect from a lifestyle session:

Finally, if you want the best of both worlds, I offer a lifestyle plus studio session. This session will also take place in your home - but I will bring all my studio gear with me (bean bag, a few props, backdrop, heater, wraps, etc). I will set up a mini studio in your home near a large window or sliding glass door - I will spend 1-2 hours posing your baby to every detail. We will then breakaway from the posed newborn shots and take some lifestyle photos of you and the baby in your home. Because I will be doing very posed photos, it is important to schedule this session when your baby is under 14 days old. These sessions last 3-4 hours and you will get 40+ final images.


I love both posed and lifestyle newborn sessions, but it really is all about YOUR preference. What type of images do you want to remember your newborns first days and weeks earth-side? Either way, I will be there – camera at the ready – to document this truly incredible time in your growing family’s life.